Flat Trackers

The American Flat Track series, billed as “America’s original extreme sport“, has completed their 2019 season.

20 different events in 3 classes

Their final event was at the Meadowlands – East Rutherford, NJ on September 28th.

That event will be aired on NBC Sports channel on Saturday, October 12th – 10:30pm (set your DVR)

The video below is called the save of the season

Briar Bauman 14 with the SAVE OF THE SEASON ??? Catch this and more rowdy riding with the premiere telecast of the #LaconiaST THIS SUNDAY at 1:30 pm ET on #NBCSN ?

Posted by American Flat Track on Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Have you replaced your Helmet?

All manufactures suggest replacing your helmet every 5 years.

Of course, not everyone follows that guideline, like a lot of other guidelines.

I am guilty as well! I am shopping for another, not because of my helmet’s age, but it doesn’t seem to fit well anymore.

I know it is 5+ years old and may have been a year or so old when I purchased it.


Join our poll below, thinking of the helmet you use most often…

How old is your Helmet?

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2,000+ miles in 24 Hours

Very interesting article about Carl Reese breaking the record for most miles on a motorcycle in 24 hours back in March of 2017!

2,116.5 miles to be exact and did it in just under 23 hours breaking the old record by 93 miles.

Carl was at the 8.5 mile Continental Tire Proving Grounds in Uvalde, Texas, about  80 miles west of San Antonio.

Over the 2,100+ miles, he ate up 2 front and 4 rear tires.

Oh, the track is designed to wear out tires 🙂

Read the full article on NewsAtlas.Com

Carl’s attempt was to bring awareness to the combat veterans charity “Motorcycle Relief Project” 









Shouldn’t have been there?

Most of us that have been riding for a while are fully aware of vehicle blind spots.

Occasionally you will hear or see a post about a car that almost merged right into someone on the highway.

True, the fault would fall onto driver that merged, But…Just a reminder

You Shouldn’t Have Been There

Hope everyone is having a fun and safe riding season.

You can’t ? ……BS #2

Last summer we shared an article about a guy on his “Harley-Davidson Frijole 883” in the NORRA Mexican 1000, well these guys may have topped that!

TAKE: Two guys, a couple 1980 Honda Gold Wings, add a set of knobbies, stereos,  CB radios, KC lights, trailer hitches & cup holders….and go for an Enduro Ride (must have cup holders when off-roading, you know, stay hydrated)

Check out the great article on RideApart.Com and enjoy their video below.

Looks like a lot of fun, but you better be in good shape to hustle these big boys on the trail!


Are we at Fault, sometimes?

In a recent copy of the AMA magazine, a letter to the editor caught my attention and started me thinking as well.

We as motorcyclists are always complaining about the cagers.

They are not paying attention. Messing with cell phones and gadgets and we as riders will usually come out on the bad end of those situations.

His letter kinda places some responsibility on us as riders.

WHAT! – US?   Man, is he ruffling feathers or what?

We should put forth the same amount of effort ( or even more ), that we spend on wanting “distracted drivers” to see us and make sure we are not “distracted riders”.

He makes a good point.

We riders know that we are invisible to a lot of vehicles and  we have to be totally aware of traffic and expect the unexpected.

So, WE MUST be careful with our Rider-Rider communications, Cameras, GPS’s, Bluetooth music & calls and such, because, all of these can be just as dangerous to us as riders as they are to other vehicles on the highway.

So try to make sure you are not a Distracted Rider…Ok?

Bronson didn’t need hard Saddlebags

Then Came Bronson, an American adventure/drama television series aired on NBC for one season – September 17, 1969 thru April 1, 1970 – 26 episodes. A lot of you may have never heard of it.

After loosing his best friend and arguments with his boss, he began a journey searching for the meaning of life! Just like a cowboy but on a H-D Sportser. I don’t think the series has ever been released on DVD, but seems some episodes are on the internet.

Below is episode 2 where he has bike trouble and an old codger picks him up. Then they get Bronson’s and the old guys bike running again and take off (but not everyone is happy about it).

After 40 year absence

West Virginia State Police are bringing motorcycles back to their fleet.

The department has purchased seven Harley-Davidson Electra Glides, but these are not the ones that will be used for their training.

15 West Virginia officers as well as 19 other officers from Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Canada are taking their 3-week training at the Yeager Airport in Charleston, WV. Training is provided by the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety from Illinois

One instructor says…it is not unusual for bikes to be dropped 50+ times during slow speed cone and braking drills.

Read the full article on the Herald-Dispatch.Com