You can’t ? ……BS

Who says you can’t race a H-D 883 Sportster in the NORRA Mexican 1000. Don’t tell these guys that, cause they ‘did it!

Take a 2000 883 Sportster, bolt on a set of Honda 250 forks, beef-up some joints. Add a rear sprocket and rear disc the size of Medium Pepperoni Pizzas and go racing.

Of the 40 entrants, 32 finished and the Frijole came in 27th. Not a bad showing at all.

I don’t follow Desert Racing, but I really found this Motorcyclist article interesting. Show up with one of these at your next DS ride and see who gets all the attention!


Interested in the “Frijole 883”? Read the Full article on Motorcyclist, and more info about Biltwell, Inc here.