Seasonal Hazards? They are out there!

A very good article on UltimateMotorcycling.Com – WORTH A READ

Tip #6. Think about special hazards that can come up in certain times of the year.

If you ride out in farm country, standing crops like corn can conceal moving hazards such as deer, bear even wild turkey and dogs that are big enough to take a bike down in a collision. Be particularly cautious during late summer and early fall riding when harvesting and hunting seasons are underway.

Farm equipment like corn harvesters can spook deer and other animals that may be feeding or bedded down in the crops. When that happens, the animals may bolt out into the road, creating a very special type of hazard requiring special tactics, especially in areas where crop planting is allowed to crowd close to the roadway. Cut your speed, cover your brake, stay out near the centerline and watch for any sign of movement along the roadside.

I never thought of that. The combine/equipment is not the hazard, but rather the wildlife they may scare into the highway.

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