Riding with a Passenger?

A great article in the RoadRUNNER Magazine news feed this week titled “Ten Questions to Ask a Motorcyclist Before Becoming a Passenger

It is more directed to the passenger, but if you are the pilot, these are good thoughts for us to consider as well before taking on the responsibility. Below is a little clip:

“Sometimes a rider may try to impress his or her passenger with aggressive speed and deep leaning in corners. This type of riding behavior may well ensure that the passenger never gets on a motorcycle again, and it might even terminate a friendship”.  Pretty good advice!

I haven’t ridden 2-up since I was teenager, screaming down a gravel road, barefoot and no helmets on a old rattle trap dirt bike. Yeah, we used to do that back then 🙁 . Currently I have no desire to ride 2-up, my wife will never get on the back of one,  and I am not sure I would feel comfortable with that responsibility anyway.

If you are thinking of taking on a passenger, Click Here and read the full article