Ever thought of getting on the Track?

I had never even given it a thought until 2012 when several TVR members attended the two day Reg Pridmore’s CLASS at VIR. I was nervous at first but by the second day the jitters wore off and I felt a lot more confident on the track and even later when riding on the street. It was a little pricey but I thought it was money well spent.

I have no desire to be a track racer or “drag a knee” and not sure if I would ever take the class again, but I really enjoyed it!. Don’t worry if you are a novice, you are separated in groups by skill level and take turns on the track and classroom.

Dan Netting @ LIFEatLEAN.com

has a good article on that here – CHECK IT OUT!


(Oh, BTW, that is me in the photo :-). Ride your own bike, no knee dragging, body just a little to the left as they instructed me to. No special racing gear was required, just good tires, proper street riding gear, a brief inspection and you are ready to go.)