Didn’t know that?

Webster defines a Gearhead as: a person who pursues mechanical or technological interests (as in automobiles or computers)

But what about all the others (like me) who just love to ride and only have the technical/mechanical ability to change our oil or a light bulb?

Kevin Cameron has written about motorcycles for 50 years and worked for Cycle World since 1992. He has many articles and videos that explains how and why mechanical things work.


He has many blog entries, with video 🙂 you can view on Cycle World’s website

For example, how racing is responsible for making many of the engine parts on our bikes seem to last forever! Check out that video here

So if you are interested in what a Roller Tappet is, or maybe what causes Poor Shifting, well on a rainy Sunday like today, might want to scroll the articles and see if any interest you. Here is the Link