Membership Renewal Time 2017

Hi Members,

It is time to renew you membership for 2017-2018 year! Fees are still @ $15.00 per year. Upon renewal, your membership will be good until July 30, 2018

Renewals are now open!!!

I know some are a little reluctant to pay the dues, but we do have some expenses. Forum software, Web Page Hosting and Spring Dinner to name a few. Paid membership also gives you access to post in our Forum and view the member only sections.

If you meet for our breakfast rides and go on our camping trips with us, please consider shucking out a few bucks and help in supporting our club! If you are not comfortable paying online catch us at a breakfast meeting and pay with check or cash.

Visit the Links Tab on our website and choose “Pay Your Dues



The NO Zone

I am sure all of us are aware of this (we should), but a good graphic and reminder to us all!

Copied from Drive-Safely.Net  Check it out

Blind spots are everywhere!

Even your car has blind spots. The number of blind spots in a big rig is insane. The passenger side of a semi has far more blind spots than the drivers side, so use proper truck safety techniques and try to always pass an 18 wheeler on the left. Hurry up and get ahead of the truck…don’t dilly dally around. The trucker may not know you’re even there, and God forbid the driver makes a quick lane change or swerves to avoid road debris, etc. Here is a diagram showing the most dangerous areas to be. Stay out of the no zone!

Cold-Weather Motorcycle Riding Tips

An older article but worth the re-read, especially Cold Weather = Cold Tires (click image)

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img class=”aligncenter wp-image-1192 ” src=”” alt=”2013-seven-winter-motorcycling-riding-tips1″ width=”445″ height=”297″ /></a>