Road Rage Season?

Which is almost everyday to most of us motorcycle enthusiasts.

We had a dose of it this past Sunday while on a group ride. No incident, just an unhappy pickup driver. Below is a post from the makers of the CrampBuster (you know, the poor-mans cruise control 🙂 )

Most of us already know this, but doesn’t hurt to spend 60 seconds reading it again.

One of the questions is:

What will happen if I choose to participate in the rage?” Well— If you are on the motorcycle, chances are extremely high you will loose!

Do you ever wish?

You had taken that Motorcycle Tour back in the 70’s (if you are that old)? Shudda dun’it 🙁

Well, evidently you still can. Even on a 70’s bike! So, grab your Blue Jeans, Brogans and Leather Jacket and hit it!

Retro Tours in Kennett Square, PA has some interesting routes that include a 70’s bike. Do you own research, but here are a couple links.

VDOT Roadtrips:

Just happened upon these videos the other day. Seems they have just been posted this year, every 2-3 months apart. Maybe it will be a regular series.

Pretty interesting and thought you might enjoy.

I wouldn’t mind riding across the last Covered Bridge in VA!