Hank’s Christmas Project

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My Christmas week project has been to attempt to change the alternator belt on my R1200GS. I knew I would encounter some rusted bolts holding the front cover on. This is the payback for 4000 miles of un-paved roads on our Alaska Adventure in 2010. The calcium chloride they spread on the roads up there is highly corrosive. The short story is I’ve ended up with 2 broken bolts. I have accumulated an arsenal of 5 different brands of penetrating oils, a propane torch, and various sizes of easy outs. I’m not sure why the name “easy out”. So several days of spraying, tapping, heating, cooling, etc….. and the remains of the 2 bolts are still secure in the block. Meanwhile during the process I installed a new set of P3 brake light/turn signal enhancements, and a second set of driving lights.

Hank Pfister's photo.
Hank Pfister's photo.
Hank Pfister's photo.


Greenwood for Sale

Longstanding family restaurant located in Troutville, and less than two GreenwoodResturantminutes off I-81 has been serving their community for almost 60 years. The owners are interested in selling the business as well as the real estate so if interested please send us an email and we can provide financials.

Heading on I-81 North, get off on exit 156, take a right.

(A long time stop on the TVR tour)

Info Here