2016 Spring Dinner Confirmned

Our 2016 Spring Dinner has been confirmed for April 16, 2016.
The Meadowbrook Library in Shawsville, Va.
US/11 between Roanoke and Salem

Directions, times and other information will be posted are the time gets closer.

Be sure and watch for a poll so we can get a approximate head count a week or so before.

So MARK your calendars and hopefully this will be the largest yet!

Hank’s Christmas Project

(Copied & Pasted directly from FB as an example)

My Christmas week project has been to attempt to change the alternator belt on my R1200GS. I knew I would encounter some rusted bolts holding the front cover on. This is the payback for 4000 miles of un-paved roads on our Alaska Adventure in 2010. The calcium chloride they spread on the roads up there is highly corrosive. The short story is I’ve ended up with 2 broken bolts. I have accumulated an arsenal of 5 different brands of penetrating oils, a propane torch, and various sizes of easy outs. I’m not sure why the name “easy out”. So several days of spraying, tapping, heating, cooling, etc….. and the remains of the 2 bolts are still secure in the block. Meanwhile during the process I installed a new set of P3 brake light/turn signal enhancements, and a second set of driving lights.

Hank Pfister's photo.
Hank Pfister's photo.
Hank Pfister's photo.