Say it isn’t so…

For 30+ years the Kawasaki KLR650 has been an affordable and accessible motorcycle for many starting riders and those looking for some off-road adventure. That was my first “street licensed” motorcycle and I have had 2 of them. a 2000 year model and I forgot the other one, but it was older.

Me while at a NVTR ride October 2001

Sadly, 2018 is rumored to be the last model year they produce.

If you are curious, below is a production-year chart for 1987-2018, from You can read his full article here

Nicky Hayden – AMA Hall of Fame 2018

Friday night Nicky Hayden became one of the latest AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Inductees.

The award, accepted by his oldest brother Tommy, said: “It is hard to imagine that there is anyone who loved motorcycle racing more than Nicky. He ate, slept and breathed motorcycles 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So many of his idols and heroes that he looked up to as a kid are members of the AMA Hall of Fame. So, to be joining them tonight in the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame, I know would be one of his proudest accomplishments.”

Read about Nicky and the other new members here on UltimateMotorcycling.Com

You can check out his numbers & awards on his website here 

Just Go!

What’s the Best Motorcycle to Ride Around the World?

Occasionally an article will pass thru my Inbox that catches my attention. This one from ADV Rider (ride the world) by a rider named Paolo. I don’t normally follow that site, but glad this article made it my way.

Will take you 2-3 minutes to read it and well worth the time.

I liked his conclusion… “Just ride whatever you like, whatever you have already, or whatever you can afford. And just go.”  Here’s the Linky

…reminds me a lot of our old friend FH!

Ooh, that’s slippery

Now that fall is in full swing, please remember our favorite twisty back roads do not have to be icy to be slick!

Below is a clip from an Allstate Insurance Blog that is worth a quick read for a reminder!

Rain is not the only thing falling from the sky in autumn.

As leaves turn from green to yellow, orange, red and brown, they often fall to the ground, sometimes obscuring the surface of the road from the eyes of motorcycle riders.

Be careful when riding over and through leaves, as they may be covering potholes or imperfections in the road that could affect your control of your bike. In addition, says the Illinois State Police, wet leaves could be slick and affect your wheels’ traction or make it more difficult to stop quickly.”

Didn’t know that?

Webster defines a Gearhead as: a person who pursues mechanical or technological interests (as in automobiles or computers)

But what about all the others (like me) who just love to ride and only have the technical/mechanical ability to change our oil or a light bulb?

Kevin Cameron has written about motorcycles for 50 years and worked for Cycle World since 1992. He has many articles and videos that explains how and why mechanical things work.


He has many blog entries, with video 🙂 you can view on Cycle World’s website

For example, how racing is responsible for making many of the engine parts on our bikes seem to last forever! Check out that video here

So if you are interested in what a Roller Tappet is, or maybe what causes Poor Shifting, well on a rainy Sunday like today, might want to scroll the articles and see if any interest you. Here is the Link