Are we at Fault, sometimes?

In a recent copy of the AMA magazine, a letter to the editor caught my attention and started me thinking as well.

We as motorcyclists are always complaining about the cagers.

They are not paying attention. Messing with cell phones and gadgets and we as riders will usually come out on the bad end of those situations.

His letter kinda places some responsibility on us as riders.

WHAT! – US?   Man, is he ruffling feathers or what?

We should put forth the same amount of effort ( or even more ), that we spend on wanting “distracted drivers” to see us and make sure we are not “distracted riders”.

He makes a good point.

We riders know that we are invisible to a lot of vehicles and  we have to be totally aware of traffic and expect the unexpected.

So, WE MUST be careful with our Rider-Rider communications, Cameras, GPS’s, Bluetooth music & calls and such, because, all of these can be just as dangerous to us as riders as they are to other vehicles on the highway.

So try to make sure you are not a Distracted Rider…Ok?